Why “ Student Handicrafts “?

Back to 1999 , Founder of Student handicrafts Enterprises Mr Ram Krishna Bhattarai was in his early high school days . On that mean time he developed Student Handicraft Enterprises as a company. Since then, Student Handicrafts , by its name itself has employed larger number of student in the company. Generally Nepalese students who come from Villages or country side from different underprivileged groups and poor economic background are in first priority of this company. We providing different trainings and create job facilities and part time jobs to them as per their abilities and supports them to ensure their further studies .As our history , we have many student working in our company and we are proud of it. Beside this we are giving training, workshop to many needed people like single women, illiterate women , physically disable person to motivate themselves and tries to uplift their living standards .Student Handicrafts goals is to uplift the living standard of Nepalese artesian by introducing their art and crafts which promotes small scale industries and introduces its products to Global market.

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