How to order?

Step 1:  First of all you Need to open google browser or other search engines ( Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini etc.)

Step 2: Search

              Display the Studenthandicrafts’s website on your screen.

Step 3: You can visit our home page where display the different categories of our products. and also search other information. 

Step 4: Choose the product you want or search your desire product.

Step 5: Select your desire Category>Select Sub-Category and Choose your desire product.


Step 6: Please choose desire product and adjust the quantity you want.

Step 7: After Completing on purchasing please  go to “MY CART: in top right corner.

Step 8: Fill your necessary information. ( Name, Telephone number, email, country).

Step 9: Click on Get Quote. 

              Note: You can adjust the quantity here too, please adjust if you need and click on update cart.

Step 10: After clicking on ” Get Quote” you will receive your order details in your Email Address.

Step 11: After we get your quote order, we will provide all the details of price, estimate time for delivery by email. If you are ok, then we will confirm order.

Hope you understand it. If anything else or needed for you “OUR TEAM” Guide / Help You. or Direct Contact on


Whats App Number: 9851056127, 9843447181

For Your Easy We Can Make One Tutorial