Hemp Backpack Printed ( Mini)

Handmade hemp bags from The Himalayas Country Nepal. This beautifully designed large printed hemp bag is made from natural hemp fibre and organic heavy-duty cotton which are well known for their strength and durability. Inner lining has organic cotton material to make this bag sturdy and extra durable. Printed Hemp Bags are suitable for laptop carry for studentsIt also can be use in raves, music festivals, hiking, travel and other outdoor activities. It has enough space so you can carry all your personal belonging. This backpack gets softer to touch as you can use it more, yet it retains its durability. This distinctive and fashionable colourful unisex backpack is ideal for use any occasion giving you a natural feelings and positive vibes.


100% Eco-Friendly and THF free Hemp Yarns and naturally dye.
Fashionable unique design with ethic and traditional values.
Handmade with love and follows fair trade.
Pure Organic Cotton are use as bag lining.
High Quality Zipper padded back so it gives extra comfort.
Size: Approximately 17 “Height by 13″ wide by 5” depth.
Furthermore, We accept your custom design, colours and size in our factory.
Use natural products because they are eco-friendly and suitable in nature.

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