Dream Catchers

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“A Story About Dream Catcher”

“As a Native  American Legend is told, by hanging a dream catchers over your sleeping area the bad dreams will be deterred by the beads.  The feathers will attracts and allow the good dreams to pass through”. Beside this dream catchers are use for decoration in  home, office, restaurants  cafe, hotels, etc. By hanging them it looks more beautiful on  walls by adding the positive vibes of natures.

In addition, our dream catchers are handmade by Nepalese women in The Himalayan Country Nepal. Most of Dream Catchers are made with natural fibre such as hemp, cotton, woollen, etc. Most of our dream catcher is  hand woven or hand knit by skill artesian in remote area of Nepal. As our history , we have many student working in our company and we are proud of it. Moreover, We are giving training, workshop to many needed people. We provide training to single women, illiterate women , physically disable person to motivate themselves and tries to uplift their living standards. Student Handicrafts goals is to uplift the living standard of Nepalese artesian. We help to introduce their art and crafts which promotes small scale industries and introduce products to Global market.

In conclusion, as we are based on manufacturing company in Nepal. We made custom designs also. Our handmade dream catchers can be produces in different size, shape, symbol and colors as per your requirement. Most Importantly, Please inquiry us the design you like, we will send more photos , colors, size , materials of your interested items.


  • Art and craft from local artisan.
  • Attractive designs with symbolic meanings.
  • Lovely color make your room attractive.
  • Based on traditional believes and values.
  • Handmade with love by Nepalese woman.
  • Made from Pure Organic Cotton.
  • Slight variation in weight, color and size may occur as they are handmade.
  • We offer reasonable prices and great customer service for wholesale orders.
  • Furthermore, we accept your Custom design, color, and size in our factory.
  • Just inquiry us, we will give you best  price, and other necessary information.
  • Use Natural Product because they are eco-friendly.