Felt Dolls Decoration

Dolls are handmade through the wet felting process in Himalayan Country Nepal. The beautifully felt doll is made from pure wool which are well known for their strength and durability. Moreover, these beautiful felt doll comes in assorted colors, shape and symbols which beauty create positive vibes.

In addition, our woolen Felt Rain Deer Warmer dolls are  cute, realistic creation.  They  are  totally handmade  with love by Nepalese Artisan. It bring a little magic into your house,office,work place  and have lots of fun with this magical  toys. Also, it is suitable for home decoration, shopping mall window decoration, etc

In conclusion, Student Handicraft Enterprises wide range of felt doll which is soft and comfortable to being. However, as they are handmade products, they might be slightly variation in color, design and size. The different design and symbol in mats which are they key factors to attract the customer. Above all, it keeps you happy and gives extra satisfaction while using.


Handmade  with love  by Nepalese Women  in Nepal
Eco friendly products which are made from 100% Pure  sheep wool
Made by hand and comfortable to touch.
Available in any size and color combination as recommended.
Used for decorating and child friendly as they are naturally dyed.
Durable – Last for a long time
Furthermore, we accept your Custom design, colors, and size in our factory.
Just inquiry us, we will give you best  price, and other necessary information.

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