Felt Purses

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Felt Purse is a handmade through the wet felting process in Himalayan Country Nepal. The new design felt purse with attractive flower design. The beautiful purse is made from pure wool which are well known for their strength and stability. Moreover, these beautiful purse comes in assorted colours, shape and symbol which and the beauty create positive vibes.

This flower design hand purse’s features a contemporary design that complements any outfit. This purse looks and feels about absolutely luxurious. Moreover, we design this felt purse to carry out your various essential accessories like mobile phone, travelling tickets, passport, money, bills, card, makeup kits and so on.

In addition, our felt purse is made with 100% genuine handmade felt. Perfectly sized for money, tickets, cards like credit, debit and many more. This handmade felt purses are softer to touch as you can see it more and retains its durability. Therefore, we believe this items will definitely satisfy your needs.

In conclusion, Student Handicraft Enterprises wide range of felt handmade purse which is soft and comfortable to being. However, as they are handmade products which might be slightly variation in color, design and size. The different design and symbol in handmade purse which are the key factors to attract the customer. Above all, it keeps you happy and gives extra satisfaction while using.


  • Hand felted with love from Nepalese woman.
  • Made from 100% New Zealand sheep wool.
  • Easy to clean, hand wash in lukewarm water.
  • It  is light and very durable.
  • Perfect size for mobile phone, money, tickets, cards and many more.
  • Ultra-durable, reliable, stylish and secure.
  • Ideal for hand carry, shopping, visiting and many more.
  • As they possess  properties which  keep your  goods like money, pencil, coin etc.
  • Slight variation in weight, color and size may occur as they are handmade.
  • Furthermore, we accept your Custom design, colors, and size in our factory.
  • Just inquiry us, we will give you best  price, and other necessary information.

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