Felted Tea Coaster

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Nepalese Felted Tea Coaster is a handmade made through the wet felting process in Himalayan Country Nepal . The new design felt mat with attractive flower design. The beautifully felt mat is made from pure wool which are well known for their strength and durability. Moreover, these beautiful mat comes in assort colours, shape and symbols which and the beauty creates positive vibes.

A colorful Nepalese pot-size coaster. Zigzag is design on bright felt, and this exquisite color scheme is the most cute. Each one has a slightly different color, so please feel the warmth of handmade.

In addition, Felt mats are comfortable and gives decorative look with furniture seat pad. It can be use for Car Seat Mat. This mat gets softer to touch as you can see it more, and retains its durability. Also Felt hot pad is kitchen accessories was  made of the leading quality with vastly benefits. Therefore, we believe that this items will definitely satisfy your needs.

In conclusion, Student Handicraft Enterprises wide range of felt woollen mat which is soft and comfortable to being. However, as they are handmade products, they might be slightly variation in colour, design and size. The different design and symbol in mats which are the key factors to attract the customer. Above all, it keeps you happy and gives extra satisfaction while using.


Handmade  with love  by Nepalese Women  in Nepal
Eco friendly products which are made from 100% Pure  sheep wool
Size :  40 cm in Diameter
Made with 20 mm (2 cm ) felted  ball
Sewed with double nylon thread not by glue.
Furthermore, we accept your Custom design, colours, and size in our factory.
Just inquiry us, we will give you best  price, and other necessary information .

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