Incenses Burner

What is Incenses Burner ? 

A incenses burner is a vessel made for consuming incense or fragrance in some strong structure. They differ enormously in size, structure, and material of development, and have been being use for special occasions worldwide. They may comprise of basic ceramic dishes or firepots to complicatedly cut silver or gold vessels, little tabletop items which are a couple of centimeters tall to upwards of a few meters high.

In addition, An incense stand made to burn a slightly thick Tibetan incense. The antique atmosphere is irresistible. Since this is for Tibetan incense, the holes are made larger than normal incense.

Incense Burner

In other words, Incense is a material that produces a fragrance when burn. It produces smoke that is soothing to the nose and the mind and leaves your room fill with a sweet and mild smell.  For instance, Incense has been use for multiple reasons. It is use during meditation, it is use as part of alternative medicine for aromatherapy, it is use during ceremonies for spiritual purposes or it can be simply use as an everyday household item as perfume or to get rid of mosquitoes. There have been different kinds and uses of incense throughout history due to differences in culture in various parts of the world.

After that, The antique design has a strong presence as an interior. The Buddha is placed on the side and inside the incense, giving a good ethnic atmosphere.

In Conclusion, This product is handmade which may be holes that are not large enough to hold Tibetan incense.
If all the holes cannot be use, we will replace them, but if other holes can be use, we would appreciate it if you could use those holes.

Fourteen Reasons to burn Incense and the benefits

  • Relax and unwind
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Generosity and Mindfulness
  • Stimulate Creativity
  • Increase Focus
  • Aid Sleep
  • Increase Sexual Desire
  • Yoga Practice
  • Medicinal
  • Cultivate a new interest
  • Air Purifications
  • A Magical Experience