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“Why Cotton Raiser Cut Hat?”

Our handmade  hairband/head wear/ are stylish , comfortable, unisex  and unique having  ethnic sense and values. Most of them  can be use  in different models  by folding them . They are free size and very elastic in nature. These products can be made in different size and colours as per your requirement in your order.

Cotton Head Band  is  handwoven  with love from rural artisan  from The Himalayas Country Nepal. It  is made from cotton which are well know for their smoothness and stability. Moreover, these beautiful cotton accessories  are very classic shape which is available assort colors, size and symbol.

Cotton products are comfortable to wear which can withstand heat , cold and maintain body temperatures . The cotton product are good choice for clothing and easy care. Cotton is very water absorbent, but it also dries quickly. Moreover, cotton product is biodegradable fabric and Eco-friendly.

In addition, our handmade cotton Head wear   is made with 100% pure organic cotton which are by products of cotton plant . This cotton Products  are  softer to touch as you can feel.  Therefore, We believe this items will definitely satisfy your expectations.  Exude an unbeatable sense of style with unique handmade clothes from Student Handicraft.

In conclusion, Student Handicraft Enterprises is providing lots of Fashionable clothing in the international market. However, as they are handmade product which might be slightly variation in color, design and size.  Above all, it keeps you happy and give extra satisfaction while using.


  • Made from 100% pure organic cotton.
  • Biodegradable fabric and eco-friendly
  • Free Size ,Light in Weight & comfortable to wear
  • Can withstand heat, detergents, and bleach
  • Unique and stylish  looks
  • Cotton is very water absorbent, but it also dries quickly
  • As ready made product are pre-wash so will not shrink.
  • We accept custom design, color,  size as your per your requirements
  • Inquiry us for reasonable prices in wholesale orders.

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