Singing Bowl Stick and Stick Cover

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“What is Singing Bowl Sticks?”

Felt Singing Bowl Stick

A Himalayan singing bowl operates like a wine glass — slide your fingertip, or a wooden stick called a puja, around its rim to hear its soothing tones. The bowls have been use for meditation and worship for centuries, but have found new audiences in contemporary music.

A felt stick made in Nepal with an impressive deep red color. It is use when hitting a big singing ball or dora in a temple or orchestra.

“What do singing bowls actually do?”

A Tibetan singing bowl is a type of bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. Also known as singing bowls or Himalayan bowls, Tibetan singing bowls are said to promote relaxation and offer powerful healing properties. Buddhist monks have long used Tibetan singing bowls in meditation practice.

A few different theories have been propose to explain why Tibetan singing bowls might be beneficial. Such theories suggest that:

  • The vibrations that the bowls produce may affect the mind and body.
  • The sounds the bowls create may impact brain waves in order to induce relaxation.
  • They may induce the same psychological effects and benefits as listening to music.

Uses Of Singing Bowl

  • Stress relief
  • Improving sleep
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing depression
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Pain relief
  • Balancing and harmonizing the body
  • Enhancing other healing practices