Woolen Handwarmers

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“Why Woolen Hand Warmers ?” 

Woollen Handwarmer is handmade with love by rural women from The Himalayas Country Nepal. This beautiful woollen gloves is made from woollen which are well know for their strength and stability. Moreover, these beautiful hat are very classic shape which is available assorted colours, size and symbol.

Student Handicraft Enterprise wear a leading wholesaler-manufacturer and exporter for all kind of woolen products manufacture different kind of handmade woolen hand knitter. These hand knitter/ texting gloves also have opening for the thumbs so that you can keep your fingers free to text and type.

Each item is entirely handmade with woollen handwarmer looks and feels absolutely luxurious. This woollen hand warmer is great for winter. Moreover, as each woollen is handmade from woollen it means that each one is unique. Our woollen handwarmer are one of the best handmade gift item which are one of the best handmade gift item which are loveable and attractive.

In conclusion, Student Handicraft Enterprises offer wide range of woollen hand warmer which is durable, attractive and stylish. However, as they are handmade product which might be slightly variation in color, design and size. Above all, it keeps you happy and gives extra satisfaction while using.


  • Our collection of soft and warm Hand Warmer which will keep you safe from the blistering winter chills.
  • Keep your hands warm and Cozy
  • Hand made with love from Nepalese woman.
  • Made from 100% sheep wool
  •  It is popular all around  and among our most selling product.
  • Allows for one size to comfortably fit most hand sizes, suitable for most women, men
  • We offer reasonable prices and great customer service for wholesale orders.
  • We accept custom design, color,  size as your per your requirements

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