Traveller Passport Bag


  • 100%  cotton gheri, inside cotton lining
  • Eco-friendly and affordable so it is recommend to youngster
  • Perfect  size for tablets, notebooks & many more.
  • Ultra-durable, reliable, stylish & secure.
  • Inner Pocket available
  • Ideal for hand carry, office, college & school.
  • Convenient magnetic loop or zip closure
  • Furthermore, We accept your Custom design, colours, and size in our factory.
  •  Use natural products because they are eco-friendly and sustainable in nature.

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Traveller Passport Bag

The Stylish Passport Bag for the Upcoming Traveler Cotton gheri bag is worn by residents of Nepal for hundreds of years. It’s one of the few products that the Himalayan country exports to the rest of the world. These bags feature a contemporary design. It is  perfect for both men and women because they can hold all sorts of essentials, such as pens, sunglasses, money, makeup, identification cards and more. If you’re planning on traveling soon, then you need to grab one of these passport bags. Which is from The Himalayas Country to pack your valuables in style!

Why Buy Handmade Traveller Passport Bag?

People who buy handmade products are not only supporting talented artisans. But they’re also being socially responsible by reducing their impact on climate change. Handmade products have a smaller carbon footprint than their factory-produced counterparts because they require fewer resources to make. Purchasing handmade items is also better for you. As it helps keep your carbon footprint low and reduces your personal contribution to poor working conditions and child labor.

Where did my Gheri come from Traveller Passport Bag?

The Gheri is a unique passport bag that is handmade by rural women in Nepal. This step-by-step guide will show you how you can order one of these bags and donate to charity in doing so. Even though ordering a Gheri is relatively inexpensive, we recommend donating as much as possible to charity while still covering your costs. You can easily contribute to worthy causes like Médecins Sans Frontières or VSO. #loveforGheri and give back!

Why should I choose this Gheri over another?

This bag is one of a kind and makes for a great gift. With it’s handy compartments, you won’t be caught looking like a tourist and wondering what to do with your passport, camera or shopping loot. On top of that, it looks good on everyone! The chai color is perfect shade of tan that goes with everything and can be worn any season. Not to mention, every Gheri bag purchased provides school supplies and food to underprivileged students in rural Nepal.

How can I care for my Gheri after I’ve purchased it?

Every country around the world has different requirements for their citizens when it comes to travel. For example, if you live in America, you’ll need a passport but not a visa to visit England and vice versa. Gheri bags were originally design as reusable shopping bags that can be fold up small and tucked away in your purse or coat pocket until you needed them.

How can I make this Gheri unique and special?

Gheri passport bag is handmade by a talented team of rural women in Nepal. The colorful and contemporary design complements any outfit. When people ask you why they should buy your Gheri bag. Please mention that it’s handmade by a team of rural women who often struggle to make ends meet and receive an income from their craft. You can tell them about how 5% of all profits from each sale go back to these artisans. So they can continue their business and contribute to their household finances.

100% cotton gheri, inside cotton lining

Cotton is an extremely durable fabric. The gheri bag won’t stain or tear easily. It is perfect for any type of traveling, whether a business trip or family vacation. As you travel around, carry your essentials inside a fashionable bag that’s functional and easy to pack. In case you need a smaller bag to carry around city streets, simply remove all but one compartment from your gheri passport bag!

Ultra-durable, reliable, stylish & secure.

Gheri passport bags are design to last, with a practical hard-shell outer layer and waterproof lining. Its built-in straps make it easy to carry when you’re on-the-go and its large main compartment makes it easy to store your travel documents. The bag has an additional pocket on its back side where you can store money, credit cards or boarding passes securely within your sight while on an airplane.

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